Quality - SME PRINT

Producing quality print, first time, reduces costs

SME Print is fully committed to producing quality printing. From pre-press, printing to finishing we have quality checking procedures at each stage. Our quality checks and carried out by real people who have years of experience in the printing trade. We aim for 100% quality first time and by using this principle, we make savings on wasted materials, time and deliveries. These savings help us reduce our costs and the saving are passed onto you, our customer. 
At SME Print you’ll find people that know the printing business inside out – people who believe in quality printing and a good customer relationship. This professionalism runs through every aspect of our operation.

We now use FM screening technology for superior results

We have raised the game again! Now all our printing is produced using advanced FM (frequency modulated) Screening. FM technology uses advanced algorithms and dot shapes to produce superior, sharper and more vibrant printed results.  It is considered in the industry as the next generation standard that all printers will use one day.  Usually only used for high end brochures or fine art printing, but now we use it as a standard. 

This technology compared to standard printing methods is said to be the same difference as a ‘standard’ TV is to an ‘HD’ TV.  
FM Screening produces sharper images, more detail, better skin tones, smoother tints, more vibrant colours and the best of all you do NOT have to pay an extra penny for this when you order from us. Please see the enlarged illustration above.