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Bespoke Sizes
All the sizes shown on our site are the standard and most popular sizes we print. However we can print any size you require. If you require leaflets that are 200mm square or long and thin posters, that is not a problem, just contact us for a price.

Don’t pay the earth just because you want something a bit different!

Unlike our competitors who rub their hands with joy and charge the earth just because you want and extra perforation on your leaflets. Here at SME Print we understand that your requirements maybe slightly different. We charge a fair price for any extra requirements your order may need. If you want 2 additional perforations or a not standard size for your leaflets we will tell you the extra costs which is based on the work required not how much we can get from you.

What you need to tell us.

To enable us to give you a quotation we need to know certain details about your requirements. Give us the details about paper size, paper finish (gloss, silk or matt), weight of paper, how many pages, if folded, special finishes etc. The more information you can give us the more exact the quotation will be.


Usually all our prices are very competitive and we have saved our customers £1,000’s. If however our quotation is more expensive there is a reason, maybe the other quotes are using inferior paper or we are not quoting to the same specification. Just let us know and send us a copy of the other quotation for us to confirm we have the same specifications.  

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